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At Risk Suppression Partners, everything we do comes from an innate desire to create value.

We aim to build value through creating meaningful work and meaningful relationships with the people, companies and communities we do business with. Our company is driven by an evolving set of written principles that serve as our guide to promote an open exchange of ideas and a true sense community throughout our organization.

Insurance for Fire + Life Safety Contractors | Risk Suppression Partners

At Risk Suppression Partners, we specialize in insurance for fire sprinkler, alarm & security, and extinguisher contractors.

Risk Suppression Partners is not your normal group of underwriters or program managers.  We are made up of Fire Sprinkler Industry Board & Committee participants, including members of NFPA 25. A great challenge to your business is that (per industry average) a Fire & Life Safety Contractor is 2X as likely to be named in a claim in which you were not negligent.  Defending these situations can be an enormous cost both to you and your insurer.  There are contracting tools and techniques we can assist you with to significantly mitigate this cost of risk.  In a covered event in which you did make a mistake, we’re there to pay claims, and help you improve your processes so it doesn’t happen again. Not just for us, but for you as well. There’s nothing more frustrating than a claim that could have been prevented, we’ll work together to make your business as smooth as possible.

Our focus lies in General Liability for Fire Sprinkler, Alarm & Security, and Extinguisher Contractors, including Commercial Excess Insurance, and Pollution & Professional Cover throughout the continental United States.

Risk Suppression Insurance Principles

There exists a complex transactional element to insurance that needs to be dealt with efficiently and compliantly. However, our programs are designed to move beyond transactional insurance by providing risk management and claims services that partner together to understand your industry, your business and the risks you encounter through the good work you perform. Our mandate is to only insure exposures in industries we ourselves are part of and continually strive to better understand.

We look at underwriting as not only an assessment of risk with a value attached to it, but as a tool to make strategic long-term investments in good people running good businesses. We look at recipients of policies we issue, not merely as insureds, but as truly valuable customers.

Our risk management strategy is designed to give you the tools and resources to work on your business, and not only in it. This focus provides the mutual benefit of helping to stabilize your premiums and safeguard our investments.

We believe every claim has a root cause that needs to be uncovered to handle it responsibly. Often, we prescribe a swift investigation and diagnosis performed by experts we have vetted and handpicked who understand the work you perform. In claims communication is key. You will be expected to participate in the claims process and your knowledge and understanding of the events will always be sought.

Every loss we experience with a customer contains a strong and necessary lesson learned to all who are part of our programs. Our principle of positive change through continuous improvement causes us to reflect on the dynamics of every claim. This reflection adds to our own education, resulting in the improvement and development of better tools to help you mitigate and prevent loss. We in turn broadcast these tools to our customers allowing the cycle of continuous improvement to evolve.

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